Posted on August 24, 2012

Recently, we have been getting in a lot of new props and items for the studio! We got an order of 24 pettirompers in all different colors and sizes for the studio. Of course, to match those we also had some custom headbands and clips made from Hair Accessories by Megan. She helped create an very awesome way to customize each headband or clip according to what fits the outfit, so basically it is a modular way to choose a hair accessory. You can see her site on I literally spent hours looking and practically drooling at everything she makes, she really has an eye and talent.

Of course, we can’t forget the boys! We are currently creating an adorable new set for boys it may or may not have a western theme… I saw one item that I can use as a prop and totally ran with it to create something completely unique to our studio. Images will be coming next week, so be sure to check back!

Speaking of next week, school is starting! I am sad to see summer end, but also excited to have my normal work week back and not the condensed work week I have been dealing with. This month marked the One Year Anniversary of the studio! Hard to believe that is has actually been a year since it opened. We are super happy to have a dedicated work and shooting area, not only is it easier on clients, but makes our turn around time much faster than when Fleur Photography was just an On-Location Photographer!

This past week we have spent the entire work week pretty much dedication to upgrading ours systems and software. These changes should help us keep up with our volume of clientele much easier! We are also working on a virtual tour of the studio and process of what a session entails to better help our prospective clients understand what an awesome experience custom portraiture really is. The stress of having a session should never be on the parent, and we have so many tips and hints that will make it go by without you wanting to rip your hair out! 🙂

Next week will be open enrollment for our Fall Mini Sessions as well, so be sure to I tend to post all our updates on facebook rather than here, which is going to change now that we upgraded our system.

And I will leave you with a few adorable images I had the pleasure to take this week. Complete and utter adorableness.

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