Posted on October 30, 2008

All proofing galleries will be down for a few short days. I am in the process of upgrading my website! You will now be able to view and order your pictures online and also pay via PayPal! Also coming are Client Mini-Sites which is an awesome way of sharing your pictures with family members!  I hoping to get all galleries back up quickly! Also coming later today is a contest for “Cutest Kid”, the winner will receive a free session and $100 off of any collection!

Posted on October 12, 2008

Oh how I truly enjoy photographing newborns! Here is Daisy, she is three weeks old. Her Mommy worked very hard at getting her to sleep!


Oh and because I just can’t help myself, Daisy and her brother Jesse! He is such a ham and totally adores his sister. This is one of my all time favorite shots of siblings I have ever took.


Posted on October 10, 2008

Due to server troubles, viewing proofs online is currently unavailable. The past few clients who asked for a proofing gallery will receive one. However, I am unable to host any other online proofing gallery at this time. I am going through server issues and transfers at this time.

 If you have any questions, feel free to email or call me!


Posted on October 6, 2008

I had two super fun sessions this week! One was a family session that was at a beautiful park in Accokeek, MD.

 Here is a peek at one of the photos that I have proofed so far! Such beautiful girls.


The other was a studio session! It involved two gorgeous kiddos! Here is one of them, Lily. This is my favorite out of all the ones I took on Sunday.


Posted on October 6, 2008

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